Monday, July 21, 2014

Hindi. One Word. Not very old.

I never thought I’d wake up next to Sheila. I mean all of last night was a charade to get into Ramans room. Well, a waste it was perhaps. Well hello there, my name is Robin, you may refer to me Robin da, Robin bhaiyya or Robbie. Jhunku and Tin-Tin are names only my mother and my maashi can refer to me as so I’d rather you refrain. SO let me tell you about where it all began. Last evening was a delightful blend of socializing and indulgence. All of us friends decided to celebrate the 1000TH edition of our magazine by going over to Raman and Sheilas house for dinner. And before there Is even a hint of confusion, let me make clear that I have had the hugest crush on Raman since I joined. You see im the only single one in office,the only one on the good side of 32. Im thiry one basically,single and gay. So Raman and I were playing dumbcharades and we had a bit of a soulmate moment. You know when a friend does something that makes you realize that there is way more here than you could have ever imagined. So he was acting and I was guessing and he started enacting an English movie with the steps to Shahrukh Khans Chaiyya Chaiyya. My mind took me Moulin Rouge. Then Moulin Rouge in Calcutta, Rekha dancing at Moulin Rouge in Calcutta and finally Parineeta. Parineeta. In less than thirty seconds. Raman jumped on to me and said he loved me and gave me the biggest kiss on my cheek. My dark skin sometimes really helps the situation and boy did it help hide the twelve year old blush I had going. SO I decided that time is to get smashed and started pouring appletinis out to everybody. By 3’o clock, I had no idea where I was and what I was doing except feeling someone coming on to me ever so slightly, so I assumed that maybe this is Raman who in some post-‘Onircinema’ condescending way has to decided to explore bisexuality. So I went ahead and received whatever favours I was receiving. Maybe I should have noticed the long hair, or the bindi, or maybe the constant warning of ‘ssshhh,what if Raman wakes up’. I never thought I’d wake up next to Sheila.