Friday, May 13, 2011

United States of America.

The park provides endless hours of recreation to kids. I'm just one of those random kids you see playing in the evening. I call friends an hour in advance, make them reach on time, convince those who claim they have assignments to hand in or unit tests to flunk. Im Soham, Class XI C, studying science in a popular south delhi school. As of now , im in jail, dont ask me why, because i intend to tell you nonetheless.
While i narrate it to you, forgive me as i experiment with an elementary rhyme scheme styled narrative.
"I called my friends everyday,
a grown up boy has got to play,
We went and bought a cosco ball.
Six overs a side, baby overs too,
Chasing sixty five,
We only manage Thirty two.

Uncle came calling ,
told us to about his days,
said we were eunuchs to play with a felt ball,
i think he referred to us as "gays".
He gave me a leather ball,
said a man who plays the sport,
better learn to play standing vain and tall.

It hurt me every now and then,
till one day,
i timed to perfection.
there was no looking back from there,
about windows and flower pots,
i did not care.

Uncle came back the other day,
with a policeman.
i felt like i had done something wrong,
looking at the policeman.
i got jailed,
by the policeman.
Uncle , youre a bastard.