Thursday, July 28, 2011

God Man. Baba "Black Sheep"

I am aware of the infinite ways to exist happily in this world.
I am in absolute control of the energy and spirits that surround me.
I have always been fond of the behinds of young boys.
I am THE GOD-Man.
Pay me money for I know how to make you breathe.
Not that you don’t do that anyway, I just make the experience better.
Yes, I do accept cheques.
I make money for I am a GOD-Man. My ilk is rather rare.
My bogus magic tricks seem to have a lot of flair.
Why do I tell you the secrets of life?
Why do you think I lech at your wife?
Why do I bother to concoct bogus lessons for you to master?
Why do I not let it seem like I’m the same as you?
Some time from now, one day, ill be recognized for who I truly am. The man who loves to feel young boys,girls and some toys.
The man who needs to speak from a pedestal to make his point heard.
The God-Man who needs to pray to God to be revered.