Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Broken News:

This particular title belongs to a lady named Amrita Tripathi, the author of a book i went through a couple of days back, i couldnt mange to finish reading it though.
The media is one crazy manifestation of clowns, a variety of them mind you, those who are just outright clowns, some who are pseudo intellectual snooty clowns, and others who well, look the part.
The reason why im writing after this long hiatus i would be allowed to explain within a few weeks.
So, the clowns of late are convinced of the fact that Prince wont fall into the well again(for the third time, kill the damned child) and the earth shattering theory that the "The World WONT come to an end in 2012".
This bitter peace comes out of sheer disrespect for the idiots who spend lakhs of rupees to broadcast repeats of IPL matches as NEWS.
A revolution of sorts is needed in terms of stabilizing News makers in terms of their demarcating money making schemes from broadcasting what the common man needs to know.
Brothels is what they have become in the process of ensuring maximun viewership.
the only difference is that the pimps here are clad in three piece suits and have immaculate understandin of cliched economic concepts as well as twists and turns adorning daily soaps.
I mean for Gods sake man, News is made by the untimely death of a character on a teleserial.
God Bless Us.