Saturday, January 15, 2011


He wasn't one to be smitten by fame, by the glitz and glamour that on so many occasions engulfed people and would mercilessly continue to do so.
He wanted to bat, and score as many runs as he could, oblivious to the needs of the team.
It wasn't a question of setting up milestones, or signing more lucrative endorsements,
the poor guy genuinely believed he possessed the ability to score runs in a way that was far more visually appealing than the others.
Perhaps, a while back he would have managed to encounter a range of cricketers who would have supported this misconception of his, as of now, he was JOKE.
He went on to score a lot of runs all fashioned in a predictable and redundant batting style that needed to be changed if he wanted to emerge victorious against the newer lot of pacers who seemed to nurse a fondness for old timers like him.
The only people who seemed to be fascinated by his batting abilities and in awe of his rather rustic morality were those who were blinded by the statistics that seemingly denoted the greatness of his cricketing abilities.
Somehow, all these people forgot to see the result of the match.
Raj Thackeray, the worst batsman in India, had lost us the match again.
You know who